Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oprah is going Vegan for 21 days

Oprah, Congrats! way to go. She is my hero in a lot of ways because I find her message positive and fair. This time Oprah has outdone herself and I admire her even more because she took the step towards a cleansing diet for herself and saving numerous animals by sending that message to others. Her guest Kathy Freston, best selling author of "Quantum Wellness" and spiritual counselor suggests trying the 21 day-cleanse for inner makeover and encouraged Oprah to be vegan.

You can write to Oprah to thank her and encourage her to continue her vegan lifestyle.

I am thrilled and can't wait to see how Oprah feels about this diet after the 21 day period.
May be she will say she wants to continue or she might say that she loves and misses the other foods. We will wait and watch. I applaud Oprah for this brave step and best wishes for a smooth diet regime.

Happy Cooking and enjoy your day!

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