Thursday, January 15, 2009

Highlights Jan. 15, 2009

About 1 in 200 young Americans are vegetarian. That is an astounding #.
Youth of today are aware and compassionate about their eating choices.

If you live in the Connecticut area there is a potluck you can go to on January 25, and share recipes with other attendees.

Andy Ozgur who ate salads from his home-grown veggies in his backyard in Turkey, now is a proud owner of a vegan restaurant in Rye where he sells vegan varieties of food.



mad4books said...

SO GLAD you are back! Can't wait for you to post more of your favorite recipes. I'm especially in the mood for something baked in the oven...have anything like that?

(Oh, and two of those young vegetarian Americans are my daughters. Even though I prefer a little meat in my diet, it's a pleasure to cook for them when they come to town...and sites like yours make it a lot easier to come up with tasty ideas!)

Stuti Garg said...