Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Conscious Cook - Book Review

The book appeals to the environmentally and ethically conscious person. The Conscious Cook contains recipes for salads, soups, entrees with other guest chefs and also has a section on eating seasonally. I am particularly glad to see the seasonal winter dinner or summer dinner because back in 1998- 1999 I had submitted a vegan book proposal with a seasonal vegan theme and the response I had received was that there was not enough market for it, back then.
I am happy to see that more and more people are looking into serious vegan eating and it is more than just a fad.
The chef, Tal Ronnen is honest about his approach to veganism that he did struggle to stay on a vegan diet. Superior quality photos of the recipes make all the difference in making it feel real that you want to pick up and eat right from the book. Celery Root soup with granny smith apples, Beet ravioli with Balsamic Pickled figs with green garlic oil and Paella with sausage and nori-dusted oyster mushrooms is vegan heaven for the palette.


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