Friday, March 26, 2010

Highlights: Hegan or shegan

A male vegan is now a hegan according to Boston Globe's article. Kathreen Pierce writes that men who refuse to eat meat and animal products and yet somehow manage to hold on to their masculinity are called hegans. It seems that a male vegan is unwieldly, or is it really? Is this just a new trend or is the word here to stay? Well, if we can coin hegan then why not shegan, theygan and others.
I am all for newly coined words so cheers to all hegans and shegans out there.


mad4books said...

"All for newly coined words?" Ha!

Funny. :-)

P.S. Tonight's dinner? Aloo gobi, cider, and peanut butter cookies. Vegetarian night!

Stuti Garg said...

yes, as long as the created words are fair for all, and do not represent only one class of people.

That's wonderful, vegetarian night.Is your daughter visiting? I remember that you mentioned your daughter is vegetarian.

Stuti Garg said...
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