Monday, April 14, 2008

Spice Route talks with author of cookbook "7 Minute Chef," Mark Reinfeld

Let's talk with Mark Reinfeld, author of cookbook "7 Minute Chef" today. Sit back relax and enjoy.

How did you come up with the idea of your book?

For "7 Minute Chef", we wanted to help people learn the basics of vegan food preparation in a simple, easy to follow format.

Are you a vegan?


How about other members of your family? Are they also vegan?

My wife Jennifer is vegan. I am the only vegan in my birth family although some family members have experimented with veg food for periods of time.

What is your favorite dish/recipe and why?

I like the kichari recipe. Its a simple recipe that has been used in Indian cooking for thousands of years as a healing meal.

What recipes will you encourage new vegans to try out first?

Most of the recipes in 7 minute chef are designed for beginners. The first chapter goes through basic dishes like guacamole and Italian Tomato Salad that everyone should be able to prepare.

What recipes are closer to having a texture similar to meat for carnivores who might try this book?

The tofu scramble recipe is a great intro. for those accustomed to meat based meals. Some of the soups are also hearty and filling.

How do you find the balance between writing the recipes and cooking
and other work obligations?

I have been mainly focussed on recipe development and writing. We just completed our next book, co-authored with my wife Jennifer Murray and 7 Minute Chef Coauthor Bo Rinaldi. Its called the Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Raw and is due to be released in July.

What, who motivated you to write this book?

A desire to share with people how fun, easy and delicious it is to prepare vegan food.

What advice would you give to other vegan or vegetarian parents raising their kids vegan or vegetarian?

Provide them with the tastiest food available, keep it fun and allow them to help in the preparation process. Let them know , depending upon their age, of why you are vegan and why its important for their health and the health of the planet to go veg.

Our website is, where we share recipes, current events and other info. on living an inspired vegan life. Please check out our first book, Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, which is now available in soft cover. Its won 9 international awards including a Gourmand Award for Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA.

Thanks for talking with us Mark Reinfeld.

So, folks we were talking with Mark. Happy Cooking!

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