Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hope, you had a great long weekend and enjoyed the Fourth of July, Fireworks. I sure had a wonderful time, watching the fireworks, with my family. This past week, I made Rajma, pakoras, khichari for my daughter as she wanted to eat light and Green Bell Pepper with Artichoke Hearts for my hubby. I' ll post the new recipes soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy highlights for today:

Could eating vegan save the planet? A vegetarian organization is requesting people in Sedgemoor to go vegan or vegetarian.

Rothbury performers eat vegan noodles served by Island Noodles.

Enjoy Cooking!


mad4books said...

Well, my pledge to enjoy a meat-free 4th of July was easier to keep than expected! (Except that I ate some potato salad made by a German friend visiting the U.S. this summer, and it turned out that there was bacon in it...which is fine with me because I didn't *intentionally* eat meat and because it wasn't much and also because, to be honest, it was delicious.)

My vegetarian daughter came in for the weekend and specifically requested that I make her favorite dish, Italian stuffed shells, WITH spinach but SANS meat. We ate those for lunch before heading to the Independence Day party that night.

I took wine and two kinds of veggie burgers to the party, but my daughter and I were the only ones who ate them. Dang.

Stuti Garg said...

Don't lose heart. You are aware of the correct thing to do and you did the right thing by taking veggie burgers for others. I am glad you enjoyed the long weekend.