Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vegan meal

Today's meal is rice pilav with okra on the side and stew.

A friend asked me how to cook okra delicious without making it too mushy.
Tip # 1 Cooking okra as a side dish without adding water is the key.
Tip # 2 Cover and cook okra in its own juices and spices. Add tomatoes to make it tangy.
Tip # 3 Do not add it to soup or stew as it becomes slimy.

To make your dish likable, first, make it appealing to the eye.
If it looks good to the eye chances are the other senses will also like it.
Taste and flavor are also crucial for a recipe to be successful.


Tomato-Jeera rice pilav

Okra with onion and tomatoes side dish.

Bottlegourd with badiyaan carrots and tomatoes stew

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