Friday, May 23, 2008

Vegan highlights: May 23, 2008

An article on vegetarinism and veganism.
Is it a fad or a trend or both?
Think about it. My family and I were discussing that the younger the person, the more open they are to trying vegan options. Is it because they are more compassionate or is it that they are flexible about creating new experiences. College students and teenagers are eager to adapt to vegan eating or try it often than their older counterparts. When my daughter's friends come over to our house they are excited to see what vegan food is being cooked and try it as soon as it is off the stove. They are curious to learn about the dish and sometimes opt to carry some back for their sibling. I enjoy their willingness to try the vegan option.

Enjoy the three-day long Memorial Day weekend.

Happy Cooking!

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mad4books said...

Wait until your daughter's friends read Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree...they will beg you for puran-poli and other *vegetarian* versions of character Vikram Adwani's culinary masterpieces.

A middle school librarian who loved this book,
mad4books in Texas
(meatless 1 day a week)