Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Highlights: June 24, 2008

Dave Warwak, an art teacher at Fox River Grove, was fired, by the Illinois Board of Education.

An article by Mark Hawthorne, urging people to go vegetarian as the Fourth of July approaches.



mad4books said...

Um...Mr. Warwak "refused to teach unless all posters promoting drinking milk were removed from the school?" He was hired to teach and then refused to do so?

We're so fortunate to live in a country where we can speak our minds, but there is a line, and it appears that Mr. Warwalk stepped across it. Instead of embracing the opportunity to TEACH ART to young people and influence students with his example every day, he chose another path.

And before anybody freaks out on me, I subscribe to Best Friends magazine, support our local Rescue the Animals chapter, would NEVER wear fur or buy ivory, am a huge fan of Stuti Garg's blog, and eat vegetarian one day a week *minimum*. (Both of my daughters are vegetarian.)

I've also devoted the last 21 years to teaching middle schoolers. I love them and hope they learn things from me about books and kindness and tolerance and equality and eating right and exercise and volunteer work and social responsibility without me preaching to them or neglecting my professional obligations...

And speaking of reducing the amount of meat in my diet, please, Stuti...more recipes!

Enjoying a meat-free July 4th,
your fan in Texas

warwak said...

Mad4books doesn't have all the facts.
"Not only at Fox River Grove Middle School but also in thousands of schools across the country, corporate agribusiness has run amok in the attempt to utilize public education as a place to establish the naturalization of commercial meat and dairy as lifelong eating habits, to generate increased sales, to subsidize the food industry against decreased producer prices, as well as to funnel below-health standards food not fit for public sale. Warwak was correct to demand the riddance of the Dairy Council’s posters as they had in fact already been targeted for removal from approximately 105,000 public schools by the Federal Trade Commission." Richard Kahn PhD, University of North Dakota

eating vegetarian "once a week" doesn't impress me or add to your "credibility"

mad4books said...

What credibility? I am NOT a vegetarian, do not wish to become one, have never claimed to be one, and probably never will eliminate meat from my diet. I'm just a huge fan of Stuti & Anu Garg...and their contributions to the Internet!

After a little girl and her father were featured in Best Friends magazine, asking non-vegetarians to consider reducing their meat intake by one day a week, I started to plan my menu & grocery list a little differently. Honoring that little girl's request doesn't make me a better person or more ethical or a little holier...I just eat differently on those days.

Visiting Spice Route is a delicious way to help me collect recipes for my veggie days and for when my daughters are home!