Thursday, February 5, 2009

Restaurant Review (Juliano's Raw)

Today, let's look at a restaurant through a slide show of photographs.

I visited Los Angeles with my family in December 2006 to celebrate New Year's and get some sunshine. It was a week of cold weather in Seattle with no power during the major power outage that we faced in Woodinville.

During the day we went to the Getty Museum and Griffith Observatory. In the evening, we went to Juliano's Raw Restaurant. Ever since, I read one of Juliano's raw books many years ago, I had wanted to check out his restaurant.
I was quite thrilled to try out some of the recipes I had read in his book and some of the most amazing pictures of how he made raw food look so delectable. I was pleased that the outcome was fascinating and so appealing to the palate. He was at the restaurant and served us cheerfully.
We talked with him for a few minutes. It was a memorable meal. The presentation was just as pleasing to the eye as savoring every bite of it.

I took several photos and have made a potpourri of these to share with you.

If you are in the area you can check out the restaurant at 609 Broadway Ave. Santa Monica, California.

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