Monday, January 25, 2010

Interesting Tidbits

A great article by Lizaveta Zhahanina whre she explains the challenges of being a vegan in Georgia.
She explains that "demi-vegetarians do not eat red meat or poultry, but choose to eat fish and eggs. Pesco-vegetarians subscribe to a vegetarian diet but also consume fish." She also points out, that the strictest vegans avoid using leather, wool or silk (they even care about worms) and boycott health and beauty products made with animal ingredients, such as skin lotions with lanolin (an oil extracted from sheep's wool).

I agree with Lizaveta about caring for worms as all living beings even the tiniest ones like ants and worms are part of the circle of life and we are inter-dependent on one another. If we care for them by not harming them then ethically we have done the right thing.


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hai said...

should we use antibiotics to kill the bacteria that infect us or just die?