Friday, April 16, 2010

Have you ever considered a vegetarian lipstick?

When we eat, some of the lipstick also gets ingested with food, etc.

Several years ago, I was looking for a natural, vegetarian lipstick. I consulted my sister who prefers vegetarian products. She had already looked at the ingredient list and sent me the details of the lipstick brand. When I used the lipstick I found that it was better than other lipsticks because the lips were smoother even after I took the lipstick off my lips and it also prevented chapped lips.

Gabriel lipstick is gluten and lead free. It contains natural waxes, emollients and other plant derived conditioning ingredients including Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and Bisabolol.

Here is the ingredient list

Ingredients List
Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

Candelilla Wax

Sesame Oil

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Aloe Vera

Coconut Oil

Safflower Oil

Wheat Germ Oil



Iron Oxides


Titanium Dioxide

St. John's Wort Extract

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