Friday, July 16, 2010

Exotic fruit- Mamey Sapote

recipe-mamey sapote

I recently tried a new fruit Mamey Sapote which is found in Southern Florida and Mexico.
It looks like a fuzzy beige peach but is the size of a melon. It is large and comes in round, oval, and mango like shapes. The inside of the fruit when cut looks like a chicku or a sapodilla and tastes very much like it but the color has a orange or saffron hue to it instead of brown as in a chicku. When cut the inside of the fruit also resembles a papaya.

It can be tried as a smoothie or a soy shake. The seed is a big, black seed with a shiny, glossy look to it to and is similar to a chicku seed but is almost six times the size of a chickoo seed.

It is a great summer fruit and is sweet but not juicy like a plum or an apricot.

It is certainly worth a try if you get a chance to eat it.

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Haddock said...

From the photograph, I too thought it is a chikoo.
Must try this out.