Friday, May 29, 2009

Soy yogurt, Soy milk, Soy desserts etc.

There are many vegan yogurts that are available in the market today compared to many years ago.
Nancy's Organic Plain Soy yogurt and Wildwood Soy yogurt is delicious. There are many other brands of soy yogurt such as Silk Soy and others available in stores too. These days we can even find vanilla flavored soy yogurt etc.

Soy milk is great to add to your tea or cereal or drinks, smoothies, soy milk shakes etc. Eden Soy is my favorite. I usually get the unsweetened, fortified version. I have also tried Eden Soy Carob organic which is also similar to chocolate soy milk.

I also make mango-soy-smoothie and french-vanilla-mango-pudding for my family, great to try for people with a sweet tooth.


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